JHM&P George Gilpin Inc. Wolf-Gordon Inc. Scott Goodman Productions

JHM&P is a New York based post-production studio, which also creatives music for TV and film. Owned by Jonathan Helfand, it was a great experience to think of an identity for this wildly creative company.
Illustrations by Lori Greenberg

George Gilpin Inc.
George Gilpin is a custom fabricator, whose work has ranged from window displays to custom furniture. We really enjoyed researching retro ideas for the logo, stationary and t-shirts, since the '50's is one of our favorite design periods.


Wolf-Gordon Inc.
Wolf-Gordon is a wallcovering company based in New York. Their creative director MarybethShaw is a favorite client of ours. Shake Well has worked on Wolf-Gordon projects as diverse as playing cards, cocktail napkins, coasters, beach towels, t-shirts, stuffed animals, shopping bags, mugs and binders.

Scott Goodman Productions
A film and production studio, Scott Goodman is a wonderfully fun client. We loved playing with the icon from a men's room, and turning him into a "Good Man."


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